This Hands-Free AR Headset Is Controlled Via A Brain-To-Computer Interface

Over the last decade as technology and medical science have massively evolved, a myriad of endeavors and concepts once relegated to science fiction are now becoming a reality. Case in point, Cognixion’s forthcoming ONE brain-to-computer interface AI device.

Developed by a crack team of neurologists, biosignal engineers, special educators, and speech-language pathologists, the ONE resembles your average VR headset but uses six non-invasive occipital-placed electrodes that create a live-connection between the user’s brain and the augmented reality and speech device. Head pointing and other input methods also work on the cutting-edge gadget, opening up the door for effortless communication with individuals suffering from CP or ALS. The lens cover features a dual display, allowing both the user and those around them to read text or info from the lens. And, in addition to offering 4G compatibility, and local or USB-C-relayed data streaming, the ONE also packs an eight-channel real-time biosignal streaming over BLE5. Pricing has yet to be announced, though the Cognixion ONE Brain-Computer Interface AR Device is slated for a release later this year. For more information, you can check out the Cognixion ONE website linked below.

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