Cogito Original Smartwatch

Cogito Original Smartwatch 1
The market’s getting flooded with smartwatches left and right, but are they making much of an impact? Eh. Jury’s still out. But there is a definite group of people out there who don’t want another screen on their wrist. They want classic watch style first and foremost, and yeah, sure, they wouldn’t mind if their watch and phone were in sync. The Cogito Original fits that bill.

The classic analog movement features a digital display that lets you customize the notification settings, so if you don’t want a vibrating wrist when your friend interrupts your day with “Sup?” you won’t get one. The watch face shows who is calling or messaging, and you can choose to answer or mute the call. On the power side of things there’s Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy technology inside, plus the watch can work off a conventional button-cell battery. [Purchase]