Code Wallet

We know all of you are important people with valuable and personal items in your wallets. And we know sometimes it can get a bit sketchy walking around with just a wallet that easily flips open. Thankfully, the Code Wallet is there to protect your valuable cards and cash with its one-of-a-kind pocket-sized design.

The Code Wallet features a three digit locking code that will keep your belongings safely stowed away and out of reach of unauthorized people. There’s also RFID blocking technology that protects your contactless cards from electronic data theft. It boasts style, a sleek design, and is handy for any occasion. And not to worry, with three digits there are close to 1,000 different possibilities so anyone wanting access to a lost or stolen wallet will require some serious luck. It’s also durable, composed of a zinc alloy lock and an aluminum-reinforced polycarbonate core. Reservations are currently available on Kickstarter for around $90. [Purchase]

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