Cocoon Fires Modern Fireplaces

Dec 4, 2019

Category: Living

Looking to create the perfect focal point of any living space, designer Federico Otero came up with these beautiful Cocoon Fires fireplaces.

While it still might be sunny and warm outside during this time year, cold days lie right around the corner – and these modern fireplaces couldn’t have come up at a better time. Each one is constructed from stainless steel, and can be either suspended or set up on a stand. Cocoon runs on bioethanol Biofuel, and each one is both smoke-free and odorless. This means that you can literally install these things in any place your heart desires – both indoors and outdoors. Seeing that they are fully adjustable as well, these things can be rotated 360-degrees letting you direct the fire’s warmth in any direction. It also makes a great ice chest during the summer months. [Purchase]

Cocoon Fires Modern Fireplaces 2

Cocoon Fires Modern Fireplaces 3

Cocoon Fires Modern Fireplaces 4

Cocoon Fires Modern Fireplaces 5

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