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The Ultra-Compact ‘Walkcar’ Last Mile Vehicle Is The Same Size As A 13″ Laptop

In the era of one-wheel transports and electric skateboards, urban traversal has never seemed so bright. Whether or not you’re a proponent of the electrified craze, it would be ignorant to say that these interesting platforms haven’t sent ripples through the world of inner-city commuting — and now, a company named Cocoa Motors is throwing its innovative lot in the ring with its very own “Walkcar.”

After five years of funding and development, the Japan-only platform is finally making its way into a full-fledged production phase. Laudes as a “laptop-sized electric skateboard,” this unique offering clocks in at just over 13 inches, making it a prime candidate for those who want a quick way to get around town, without having to tote something large and overbearing. After pulling the compact Walkcar from your sling or backpack, you’ll be able to utilize its 10 mile-per-hour Sport mode or 6.2 mile-per-hour normal mode to cruise around your city’s most trafficked streets, garnering 3.1 miles (and 4.2 miles, respectively) of total travel. Since each example is crafted from durable carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, you won’t have to worry about the Walkcar’s overall weight, which clocks in at a barely-noticeable 6.4 pounds. Head to Cocoa Motors’ website to learn more about the electrified commuter, which is currently available in Japan for around ¥198,000 (or $1,840).

Purchase: $1,840