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Topo Chico’s All-New Hard Seltzer Is Here Just In Time For Summer

After fostering ownership of Texas’ renowned seltzer brand, Topo Chico, in 2017, Coca-Cola has spent the past couple of years working on its next big release. Citing the runaway popularity of alcoholic seltzers within the past two years, the brand’s newest endeavor is slated to take on industry giants White Claw and Truly in what can only be described as a “battle of the greats.”

Following the release of its new alcoholic beverage line in Japan, Coca-Cola has set its sights on the hard seltzer market. According to the company, the experimental beverage will utilize Topo Chico’s renowned sparkling mineral water as its base, and introduce flavors that will stand toe to toe with Boston Beer Co.s ‘Truly’ brand, as well as Mike’s Hard Lemonade‘s ever-popular ‘White Claw’ offering. In an odd twist of fate, it also appears that the Coca-Cola brand will be gifting this new seltzer to Latin American countries prior to release in the United States. As such, hard seltzer fans should expect and impending release sometime during 2021. Head to Coca-Cola’s website to learn more.

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