Kick Up Your Caffeine Intake With Coca-Cola’s Very First Coffee Maker

When it comes to beverage makers, there’s probably no brand more ubiquitous than Coca-Cola. However, soda has been on a pretty steady decline for some years now, leading the drink giant to consider different future paths. And one of those paths has just borne fruit, as the brand has finally unleashed its very first coffee maker.

The result of a crowdfunding campaign, the &Drip was officially released in Japan and sold out of its 400 units almost immediately — paving the way for a much wider release. But there’s reason to think it will sell out just as fast elsewhere, as this handsome device was actually designed by Nendo and uses a proprietary pod technology that limits oxygen exposure to under 1% per pod — resulting in a cup of coffee that’s so fresh and aromatic you might think it came from a legitimate coffee shop. On December 6th, the second run will be available for purchase. But, even at $130 each, it will likely sell out again.

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