Coastal Beacon Survival Armband

All Photos: Mike George

To put it bluntly, you don’t have a lot of time for survival when lost at sea. And with over 70 percent of our earth made up by oceans, that’s quite a large search area without the proper beacon or GPS locating device to help search and rescue teams. Fortunately, it appears that industrial designer Mike George put together a concept to assist in these situations.

Aptly named the Coastal Beacon and Buoyancy Aid, this self-explanatory device helps those who’ve been involved in some sort of at-sea incident or have been swept away by large ocean waves and rip currents to contact the U.S. Coast Guard. The wearable device fits snuggly on the arm and can be triggered by the wearer immediately following an accident. Once triggered, a floatation aid is deployed and a GPS alert is sent in hopes for immediate rescue. The ocean can be a magnificent yet highly dangerous environment for us land dwellers. Let’s just hope concepts such as this come to fruition in the near future so we can continue to enjoy its beauty while mitigating the risk.

Coastal Beacon And Bouyancy Aid 3

Coastal Beacon And Bouyancy Aid 4

Coastal Beacon And Bouyancy Aid 5