Coast Cycles Buzzraw E1000 Electric Bicycle

Attempting to conjure the almost forgotten spirit of adventuring out of the house, Coast Cycles has introduced their Buzzraw E1000, an electric bicycle designed in homage to the neighborhood cruisers of yesteryear.

Using a simple looped steel frame, with 20×4.0-inch fat tires for a bit of cushion, the Buzzraw E1000 looks just like a department store minibike popular in the 1970s. Propelled by a 1000-watt Bafang mid-drive motor that can get the little ripper up to 37 mph, the Buzzraw packs enough punch to keep even the heaviest hitters happy with the performance. Customer will get their choice of either slick or knobby tread for their tires, and Coast Cycles offers a host of accessories or add-ons, like fenders and cargo racks, ensuring each Buzzraw is uniquely tailored to perfectly fit every rider’s needs.

Purchase: $3,280+