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This Weatherproof Packable Minimalist Ultralight Jacket Can Heal Itself

Though they’re not a household name, Coalatree is definitely a brand that should be on your radar — especially if you consider yourself an outdoor adventurer. If you need a specific reason as to why just have a look at their latest innovation, the Whistler Windbreaker.

While a first glance might make you think this is a fairly standard jacket, a closer look tells a very different story. Not only is this jacket weatherproof thanks to a DWR coating and ultralight, but it can also pack down into a pocket-sized pouch for easy storage and transport. It’s also breathable, quick-drying, machine-washable, and more. But our absolute favorite bit is that its nylon HiloTech fabric is self-healing — meaning that, if you get a puncture in your adventures, a quick massage of the jacket will seal the breach and your windbreaker will be like new again. When it hits shelves, the Whistler will retail for $129, but early adopters can get it on Kickstarter starting at just $79.

Purchase: $79+