Clug Bicycle Mount

May 21, 2014

Category: Living

Bicycles are great, but like dead bodies, they can be awfully tough to store. Clug is a simple new way to mount your bike on a wall, and the fact that the creators say “it’s like a hug for your bike” makes us like it even more.

And who wouldn’t wanna hug this little guy? Clug reciprocates the love by gripping your bicycle’s front tire, promising a secure vertical hold, letting you place it just about anywhere. In its current, Kickstarter-funded state, the Clug fits standard road bike tires between 23mm and 28mm, but more sizes are on the way. The packaging is smart, as the box it comes in doubles as a screw guide, and if you happen to own a 3D printer, the guys at Hurdler Studios will send you the .stl files needed to print one yourself. [Purchase]

Clug Bicycle Mount 1

Clug Bicycle Mount 2

Clug Bicycle Mount 3

Clug Bicycle Mount 4

Clug Bicycle Mount 5

Clug Bicycle Mount 6

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