Clear Coffee

Signs you are an obsessive (if not addicted) coffee drinker; you own more than your fair share of coffee mugs, you get a pounding headache if you don’t get your cup in the morning, and your teeth are…well, a little brown. If the latter has sent you to the drug store to buy white strips, then you should seriously consider making CLR CFF your new go to drink.

Made by a couple of brothers based out of London, these bottles boast a highly concentrated brew of Arabica beans. As far as how this small upstart manages to extract the caffeine from the beans without bringing that dark look with it? The team behind this is decidedly opaque. They say on their website that they use special proprietary methods that have ‘never been used before’. While that may be the least transparent response a clear coffee company could give, we won’t mind so long as these little 200ml bottles stave off our caffeine withdrawal in the morning.

Purchase: $8+