Imagine having access to a thunderstorm in the middle of your living room, or even a lamp that plays audio or is synced-up with a playlist? With the Cloudylight, all three of these hypotheticals are possible thanks to innovative technology and crowdsourcing. With each of these three modes, the color and brightness of the Cloudylight’s LEDs are adjustable, contributing greatly to the desired environment.

From hosting a party to unwinding at the end of the day to falling asleep at night, the Cloudylight is versatile for any moment in time. There’s even the potential for the lamp to automatically adjust into thunder mode when a thunderstorm is outside in your area. Inside its cloud-like appearance are two Guy Bonneville Blam speakers offering serious sound quality. The lamp also features 25 controllable LEDS with Bluetooth capabilities and weighs in at just under 9 lbs. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Reservations on Kickstarter start at $330. [Purchase]

Cloudylight 2