Cloudventure Running Shoes by On Running

While running is a pretty simple sport whose fundamentals don’t shift quite that much across styles – trail, cross country, simple exercise – one thing that is noticeably different are the shoes. Serious track runners have spikes, race runners have thin and light shoes, and trail runners have the Cloudventure shoes from On Running.

Designed and built by the award winning Swiss Brand, these shoes were intended to take on everything the Alps can dish out. One of the standout features of the shoe is its outsole – a tough and grippy rubber that features cushioning ‘cloud pods’ that make for soft landings and explosive strides. Another advantage this sole offers is a bi-directional grip that keeps you from sliding around whether you are doing a steep ascent or descent. For comfort while working your way through the toughest trails, the shoe’s upper is built to be waterproof, breathable, and lightweight so you can avoid overheating or getting soggy socks. You can take on the trails in your own hometown with these for $160. [Purchase]

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