Cloak App Antisocial Network

If you’re the kind of guy who’s not big on announcing he’s “just checked in at Rudy’s Adult Book Store,” but would like to make sure none of your friends or co-workers are there, the Cloak app could be for you.

Cloak reads the geo-data info from your friends’ Instagram and Foursquare accounts, then lets you know exactly where they’re posting from—obviously, so you can avoid them. “Wait, Gary from sales is at the supermarket? OK, I suppose I can fast tonight.” We’re not sure what Gary ever did to you, but you can avoid him, your ex-girlfriend, your boss, or any hockey mask-wearing, ax-wielding maniac who’s considerate enough to post the locations of his slayings. Cloak is being billed as the “antisocial network,” and we’re very much OK with that. [Purchase]