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Cleveland Cyclewerks’ Falcon Is The Company’s First All-Electric Moto

Traditionally, Cleveland Cyclewerks has been known to dabble in affordable, low-displacement motorcycles catered toward the consumer class. But, with the advent of a new year, and the adoption of a new mission statement, the company has decided to take a more “electric” approach with the small-but-suave Falcon 01.

The company’s first foray into electrification arrives on the shoulders of the new e-bike/e-moped — a pint-sized platform that calls upon an exchangeable 2.2 kWh battery pack to catapult it from 0-27 miles-per-hour on urban roadways. But if you’re looking for a more adrenaline-inducing ride, you can also switch the bike’s power setting to “off-road” mode, where its top speed becomes a blistering 65 miles-per-hour — albeit, at the cost of range. To satiate the needs of the larger-displacement audience, the company has also revealed the Falcon BLK, a limited-to-20, 17.5-horsepower cycle gifted with the company’s upgraded 4.4 kWh dual-battery pack, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 85 miles-per-hour. Although, if you’re interested in the more powerful BLK model, you’ll have to pay the price at $14,995 — a moderate jump from the 01’s commendable $7,995 MSRP. Head to Cleveland Cyclewerks’ website to preorder a model of your own.

Purchase: 7,995+