Classic Recreations 1969 Ford Mustang Boss and Mach 1

When it comes to American muscle, few makes and models carry with them the level of respect and clout as the Ford Boss and Mach 1 Mustangs. Now, working in conjunction with Ford, Classic Recreations is slated to release a continuation of both expressions for our enjoyment.

As a complete series of three, the Ford-licensed program will feature recreations of the Boss 302, 429, and Mach 1 Mustangs with the 429 set to be the first deliverable ride for purchase. According to the Classic Recreations site, it’ll feature a custom Boss 429 engine alongside an updated valvetrain, cutting-edge EFI and engine management systems. The same treatment will be given to both the Boss 302 and the Mach 1 as well while custom paint jobs and upgraded exterior and interior features round out each build in a sophisticated retro aesthetic. Be sure to drop Classic Recreations a line for more info. Pricing to start at $169,000.

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