Restoring Faith And Function With Mercedes’ Iconic W124 Station Wagon

These days, it’s become exceedingly difficult to find a classic Mercedes-Benz station wagon that hasn’t been put through the paces. But if you’re willing to sacrifice the time and money, securing your dream vehicle has always been possible. Thankfully, a small outfit nestled within the secluded side streets of Kawasaki, Japan is willing to do the heavy lifting for you — they’ll even recruit, restore, and relinquish the vehicle at a price lower than most well-kept platforms.

Japan’s ARROWS specializes in the acquisition of Mercedes-Benz’s prized, 1980s-oriented vehicles, and for a small fee, they’ll outfit the manufacturer’s iconic W124 wagon with a slew of authentic parts, pieces, and accessories — essentially “restoring” the entire platform in the process. From a simple restoration to a full-fledged tear-down, the Kawasaki-based shop will incorporate a bespoke plaid interior, upholstery, and reconditioned components, alongside a high-quality, period-correct Pueblo Beige paint job — and even old-school wheel caps. On the exterior of the vehicle, you can opt for an out-of-production rooftop luggage rack, channeling the vintage, retro look that helped to make the vehicle a hit during its heyday. If you’re interested in acquiring Mercedes’ “overbuilt” icon (which has been noted to drive for over 500,000 miles with the right amount of care and affection), head over to ARROWS’ website for more information — everything considered, you should be driving your coveted dream wagon home for $31,000-$55,000.

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