Vertex Double Hammock Tent

When you’re out in the wilderness, the right tent can really make or break the experience. Clark Outdoor’s Vertex Double Hammock Tent allows you to sleep with ease or take a break from your daring escapades in nature, so that you can reset and continue the next chapter of your journey.

The two hammock beds hang independently inside one enclosure, so you can stay close if danger arises, yet still have your private space. With patented flexible poles, each bed can support a whopping 700lbs each, and feel free to move around all you want as well because each chamber is designed to act independently, ensuring you won’t disturb the other occupant. When you’re tired of hanging around in the hammock, you can easily convert it into a ground tent, complete with a breathable fabric cover and six insulation pockets. This hybrid hammock tent is available now in several different colorways.

Purchase: $500