This Cozy Camper Van Does Double Duty As A Mobile Motorcycle Garage

For basic glamping trips, there are loads of available vehicles that offer a livable space and accommodations galore. However, if your adventures are of the more high-octane variety, your options fall flat. Or at least they did before WoodVANs crafted their clever, grease monkey-friendly Citroen Jumper L4H3 moto camper van.

As you’ve likely come to expect, this go-anywhere living space comes fully equipped with everything you need to stay comfortable, clean, and fed — including a full bathroom, kitchenette, a fridge-freezer combo, and space for up to four people. However, head to the back end of the van and you’ll discover that which sets it apart: a beautiful, functional motorcycle garage. That means storage for your bike, riding gear, tools, tie-down mounts, etc. For more info on the pricing and availability of this exceptional mobile hybrid sleeper-garage, reach out to WoodVANS.

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