Citroen’s Autonomous Electric SUV Does 500 Miles Per Charge

Few older automotive companies have shown their commitment to future technologies quite like Citroen. But the French manufacturer is far from through with pushing the limits if their unique 19_19 all-electric concept SUV is any indication.

Like something out of Judge Dredd or Blade Runner, this marvelously-futuristic four-wheeler is a direct follow-up to the brand’s urban-focused Ami One concept from February but doubles down on a number of key features. For starters, the 19_19 is said to have an effective range just shy of 500 miles per charge and a horsepower rating of 456 — giving it a top speed of over 124 mph, a 0-62 time of five seconds, and 590 foot-pounds of torque. And while you could enjoy all of that yourself, the 19_19 is also said to have autonomous driving tech built-in, so you can lean back and enjoy the luxurious comfort-focused cabin and let the car do the hard work. Let’s just hope Citroen puts all of this concept’s technologies to good use in the future.

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