Citizen Unveils Two Watches To Mark Japan’s Upcoming Lunar Mission

There already exist several space watches, but not many can brag that they’re crafted from the same material as a spacecraft. But that’s exactly what Citizen’s new Super Titanium Hakuto-R watches can boast, as the luxury timepieces contain the same Super Titanium material that Citizen provided to the Hakuto-R team for use in the spacecraft’s components.

The Hakuto-R is scheduled to rocket off to the moon in 2022, and Citizen has released two limited-edition Eco-Drive Super Titanium Hakuto-R watches to commemorate the event. The more premium of the two celebrates both the light and dark sides of the moon, with Duratect MRK-gold and Duratect DLC accenting the Super Titanium case and bracelet. A mother of pearl subdial is designed to mimic the moon’s surface, while the caseback features an inkjet-printed full-color image of the Hakuto-R on the moon. The second watch goes full “dark side of the moon,” with a black Super Titanium case and bracelet and a unique layered dial that features a photo-realistic inkjet-printed image of the moon that’s topped with a clear dial base and finished with a glossy textured inkjet-printed coating for a 3D effect. The “light and dark” model retails for $3,495, while the “dark side” goes for $2,295. Both Super Titanium Hakuto-R watches are available from Citizen now.

Purchase: $2,295+