Quentin Tarantino’s Next Book Is an Insightful Look at Essential ’70s Films

Jun 2, 2022

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As one of the most renowned auteurs of all time, Quentin Tarantino’s eclectic filmography is a minor look at just how much he appreciates the lore of cinematic history. If that wasn’t made obvious by his film Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, or its neighboring novel, then Tarantino’s second-ever book Cinema Speculation will manage to convince you.

The upcoming book, Tarantino’s first non-fiction work, offers 400 pages’ worth of intricate takes on the likes of countless 1970s films, all the while providing the comedic relief that we can expect from anything courtesy of the famed director. While there is no mention in the liner notes of what particular classics he’s written about in the tome, we can surely expect some quintessential staples from the decade, like The Godfather and A Clockwork Orange.

As one of the respective decade’s biggest stars, it’s no surprise that Steve McQueen appears on the cover of this upcoming book, especially when you account for the actor’s machismo-based mystique, which lines up with the entirety of Tarantino’s catalog. In the decade in question, which played a major role in molding Tarantino’s style and tastes in his formative years, McQueen starred in films such as Le Mans, The Getaway, and The Towering Inferno, the latter of which paired him up with fellow King of Cool, Paul Newman.

Whether you’re an uber-passionate Tarantino fan, a full-on film buff, or merely admire the arts, this book will provide you with all the insight you need. While the book isn’t expected to release until October 25, you can pre-order a copy today for $35 on Amazon.

Purchase: $35

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