Cinelli Mash Parallax ‘Art Bike’

You don’t have to ride a track bike to have an affinity for their aggressive, minimalist look. They’re pretty irresistible, which is likely why you see so many people riding around single speeds and trendy office spaces putting them up on display like they’re sculptures. This Cinelli Mash Parallax ‘Art Bike’, however, may actually qualify as more of something to show off than something to ride.

Every inch of this thing, from the aluminum frame, to the special Cinelli Intergealter handlebars and the Deluxe carbon wheels are covered in small, detailed drawings and written phrases. Like an intricate sleeve-tattoo it both looks striking from close up and far away. It took hours and hours for the San Francisco based artist, adventurer, and professional cyclist Chas Christiansen to fully complete the project with what looks like white paint pen. The bike is now located at Deluxe Cycles in Brooklyn, New York, where you could make it your own for $7,000. [Purchase]

MASH SF Art Bike 1

MASH SF Art Bike 2

MASH SF Art Bike 3

MASH SF Art Bike 4

MASH SF Art Bike 5

MASH SF Art Bike 6

MASH SF Art Bike 7

MASH SF Art Bike 8