Cinder Sensing Cooker

Mar 6, 2015

Category: Tech

There’s a new challenger for the counter space that your George Foreman grill has been taking up for years, and its name is the Cinder Sensing Cooker. What’s the appeal? Precision cooking that lets you maximize your time out of the kitchen with no worries about how great your food will taste.

In that sense it’s like a sous vide machine, but the Cinder Sensing Cooker ($499, expected to ship in early 2016) involves no water. Instead the 1,800W electric machine heats food on two aluminum, non-stick, dishwasher-safe cooking plates equipped with sensors that judge the temperature of the thermal chamber and the thickness of the food, telling you exactly when your grub is ready. The plates can hold heat anywhere from slightly-above-room-temperature to a wicked hot 550 degrees, so if you’re looking to sear a tuna steak, it’s more than up to the task. An accompanying app lets you control your cooking, and lets you tell Cinder to keep your food at the perfect temperature for up to two full hours after cooking is complete. [Purchase]

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