Cigar Punch Cufflinks

Not all cigar moments are spent in your leather lounger chair with a glass of brandy and the Saturday Evening Post. Sometimes a great cigar just lands in your lap and it’s your duty to smoke it right then and there; like say, at a wedding. Now you can be fully prepared for all these moments with these Cigar Punch Cufflinks.

Just unscrew the accoutrement to uncover a hidden, usable cigar punch and wow the crowd with your resourcefulness. A nice option for Father’s Day, eh? Meanwhile, legend has it Mark Twain gave up cigars at the request of his wife, but after suffering through some serious writer’s block, the famous author went back to smoking his normal 300 cigars a month. Yeah, don’t do that. [Purchase]

Cigar Punch Cufflinks 2

Cigar Punch Cufflinks 3