Christini All Wheel Drive Fat Bike

Kate Leeming is on a mission. She is currently trying to become the first person to ever cycle to the South Pole. To do that, she is going to need a lot of training, a whole lot of dedication, and a really capable bike. More specifically, the All Wheel Drive Fat Bike by Christini.

The engineering on this thing is totally unique. The gearing operates like most all other bikes you’ll come across – chainrings with a tensioner and a shifter – but it can also engage an additional mechanism that operates a telescoping drive shaft through the frame via universal joints. The shaft goes from the back wheel, up through the head tube, and to the crown of the fork where it translates down into the front wheel allowing for better traction and an even transfer of power. This setup, combined with the large 5 inch tires, will help Leming make her historic trip in one of the world’s most hostile environments. Want one of your own for riding around town? It’ll cost you $5,000. [Purchase]

All Wheel Drive Fat Bike by Cristini 3

All Wheel Drive Fat Bike by Cristini 1

All Wheel Drive Fat Bike by Cristini 2