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Chris King Rolls Out Futuristic ARD44 FusionFiber Road Wheel

Chris King ARD44 0 Hero
Photos: Chris King

Chris King products are synonymous with quality in the bike industry, and if you’re a dedicated cyclist looking for speed and performance, you’ll want to pay close attention to the ARD44 wheelset the lauded manufacturer just released. Designed with a focus on stable speed and power transfer, the ARD44 is an aero wheel built to ride on multiple terrains, effortlessly performing in both smooth and rough street conditions – and it also features new material created by the brand.

Chris King ARD44 1
Photo: Chris King

This new material goes by the name of FusionFiber, and it’s an innovative thermoplastic carbon fiber that Chris King made in collaboration with CSS Composites, making its debut in the ARD44. The material absorbs road noise and vibrations, making for a smoother and more pleasant ride. Additionally, the rim’s damping abilities also help to reduce strain on the rider, which means you’ll be able to ride longer without feeling gassed.

Chris King ARD44 2
Photo: Chris King

However, a great wheelset isn’t complete without a great hub, and Chris King’s Portland-made R45Ds rise to the occasion. These hubs have been engineered to deliver exceptional lateral stiffness and durability, with in-house bearings, matched races, and solid single-piece axles – and the RingDrive system ensures fluid power transmission with each pedal stroke. The ARD44 was made for tires ranging from 28mm to 30mm, with an internal width of 25mm and an external width of 30.5mm, fitting tires up to 47mm. Installation and maintenance are simplified using a hookless and tubeless rim design – with an improved tire and rim bed for better performance. As for weight, the whole wheelset comes in at 1525g, with the front wheel weighing 705g and the rear wheel weighing 820g.

Including a lifetime warranty, the ARD44 wheelset is available in all current Chris King wheel colors and comes with black alloy, silver alloy, or silver brass nipples for $2,850.