Chord Multi-Tool

When you think ‘multi-tool‘, the thing that comes to mind is usually some variant of the classic Leatherman fold-out pliers. This Chord Multi-tool from The Tin Mill, however, is an unassuming but extremely handy piece to have close at hand to help you take on common tasks.

Designed for everyday use, this 304 stainless steel gadget coated in black nickel plating can fit easily onto a key-ring and do everything from open a beer to help tighten down bolts. Have a loose screw? Just use one of the two different phillips head screwdrivers to twist it in. That same tool can then be used to cut open packages, while the entire piece from Tin Mill can be used to pry open stuck drawers or windows. Add this item to your everyday carry setup for just $19. [Purchase]

Chord Multi-Tool 1

Chord Multi-Tool 2

Chord Multi-Tool 3