Chop-E Electric Bike

Chop-E is a new electric two-wheeler out of – whoa – Estonia, and if that alone weren’t cool enough, the thing actually looks like a lot of fun. Let’s investigate.

You can see right away where they got the name from: it’s a chopper-style bike, and yes, it’s electric, so, Chop-E makes sense. The core of Chop-E is the programmable 1kW motor fueled by a 20Ah battery pack which enables you to cruise at speeds up to 20 mph with a maximum range of 35 miles. It’s 6’6 long, weighs 140 lbs., and features a 20” and 3″ wide front tire with a 240/40/18 Pirelli tire in the back. Each Chop-E is shipped with a charger, which only needs a standard outlet to function. Early birds can pledge for one now at $4,499, with an estimated delivery by July. [Kickstarter]

Chop-E Electric Bike 1