Champion Footwear Collection

There is some exciting news coming to us from the other side of the Pacific; the classic athletic wear brand Champion is rolling out a brand new footwear collection.

These new kicks have a unique collegiate-meets-military vibe that is a perfect match for the upcoming fall semester. Champion has achieved this interesting mix of sensibilities thanks to a few simple design choices. First and foremost, they’re borrowing a bit of nostalgia by mimicking the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star silhouette. Secondly, they’re using a special Ventile fabric for the upper that is waterproof rated despite being woven from cotton. And finally, the shoe has been outfitted with a molle-like material as a lacing system along the tongue. These limited sneakers will come in both high and low-top silhouettes and will feature white, olive green, khaki, navy, or natural fabric colorways. Champion is set to release these shoes to a choice number of brick and mortar stores in Japan starting on the 25th of August. Who knows, if we’re lucky they may follow up with a release back here in the states.

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