Rolls-Royce Made A Picnic Basket For The Extremely Wealthy

Pretty much from the outset, Rolls-Royce specialized in crafting exquisite motor cars for the exceedingly rich. And to this day, all of their vehicle offerings are built with an almost-absurd level of luxury in mind. Turns out that extends to their non-motor vehicles, as well, as they’ve just unveiled an absurdly opulent Champagne Chest.

Think of this as a hybrid between a picnic basket and a cooler, except you have to be one of the 1% of people in possession of the bulk of the world’s wealth to enjoy it. It’s constructed from a combination of machined aluminum and carbon fiber and wrapped in premium, natural grain leather and Tudor Oak. Designed for four, it includes compartments for hand-blown crystal champagne flutes, embroidered napkins, anodized aluminum and carbon fiber thermal champagne coolers, mother-of-pearl spoons (for serving caviar), and a number of other included accessories. If you’ve got $47,000 to spare and you want to host the most luxurious outdoor luncheon of all time, this Champagne Chest can be yours by visiting a Rolls-Royce dealership.

Purchase: $47,000