Chalet Anzere by SeARCH

Apr 14, 2016

Category: Living

There are cabins, and then there are chalets. Both words are similar enough to be each other’s synonyms; a cabin is a “small shelter in the woods”, while a chalet is “a wooden cottage”. The big difference, however, is that chalet sounds much classier than your plane old “cabin” – just like the Chalet Anzere is much cooler than any regular cabins you’d come across.

Designed by the design firm SeARCh, this large retreat is set into the side of a steep hillside in the Swiss Alps. With a wooden exterior and a cement, wood, and glass interior, this home has a big feel thanks to the open floor plan and windows that architects made sure opened up to the surrounding views of the alps. Making full use of the hillside, a garage sits below the structure and is connected (as all are floors) via elevator – making it so occupants don’t have to park and then trek up snowy covered hillside. Fancy, indeed.

Chalet Anzere by SeARCH 01

Chalet Anzere 2

Chalet Anzere 3

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