Cyclist Card Multitool

One of the most valuable traits any bicyclist can have is a measure of self-sufficiency. That’s because, sometimes, you’re going to break down and it would help to know how to take care of it yourself. But know-how isn’t enough. You also need the right tools for the job. But, we know that carrying around a kit isn’t always the most reasonable thing to do. Well, now there’s an on-the-spot solution for anyone that’s got enough room on their ride for a wallet: the Cha-O-Ha Cyclist Card.

Based on the brand’s amazing EDC Card, this deceptively tough and comprehensive 2-piece tool has all the necessities one could hope for during an unfortunate bike breakdown – and we mean all. The over 43 functions include spoke wrenches, a truing fork, numerous hex wrenches, tire pry, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and much much more. Next time you’re out for a ride, you’ll be thankful to have along this handy multitool. The cyclist card will retail for $60, but you can back it for less on Kickstarter now. [Purchase]