CF8 Future Concept Yacht

All Photos: Sea Level

The C8 Future Concept is what happens when you ask a bunch of nautical engineers to dream up the coolest yacht they can think of. The Netherlands-based Sea Level design company drafted up the most opulent and sleek boat they possibly could – which includes a showroom for a private car collection and a helipad.

As it’s drawn out on paper, the yacht includes eight cabins on board with private washrooms and walk in closets for each. Just because sailing in the open ocean isn’t enough for some people, the bow of the ship includes a built in pool for swimming around while cutting through the water. This thing is just around 220 imaginary feet long, and probably costs more imaginary money than most of us will ever make in our real lives.

CF8 Future Concept Yacht 1

CF8 Future Concept Yacht 3

CF8 Future Concept Yacht 4