CeramicSpeed Chainless Drivetrain

We’ve seen a few cycling brands here and there boast ‘chainless’ drivetrains – but all of them have simply swapped their chain for a belt, which isn’t really that different. And that made us skeptical when we first saw that CeramicSpeed was building their own. What they unveiled, however, is completely revolutionary.

Called the ‘Driven’ chainless drivetrain, this system doesn’t simply swap a chain for a belt – it completely ditches both for an entirely unique carbon fiber shaft-driven bearing gear system, similar to those used on cars. It differs from vehicle drivetrains, however, in that it still gives riders 13 gears to switch from on-the-fly. The benefits of this bizarre innovative system: it creates up to 49% less friction and reduces drag, meaning that the efficiency jumps through the roof to a whopping 99%. Though it requires a special frame and is still in the prototype stages, this invention could change the face of cycling as we know it.

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