CENTR 4K Panoramic Video Camera

Even if you do wear large glasses and ask DeNiro or DiCaprio to be in every movie you make, there’s only one Martin Scorcese. To even the playing field and not miss so many crucial shots when you’re filming, consider moving to the CENTR, a 4K panoramic camera that captures everything around you.

Already used by Red Bull, FOX Sports, National Geographic, and the US Army, CENTR creates 360° 4K footage. That means what’s in front of you, behind you, and to the side all gets recorded. When you watch that footage back, you can click and drag to change the angles. CENTR also allows individual camera selection, so you’re not locked into 360° footage all the time. It’s splash-proof, has a quick-release battery, and the footage can be viewed in real-time on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet through the CENTR interactive player. [Purchase]

CENTR 4K Panoramic Video Camera 2