CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop

Apartment dwellers and mobile handymen who needed a whole workshop that could travel with them, rejoice! The Power8 workshop is here, and it is a packable dream come true. It starts off with a set of basic power tools: Drill, circular saw, jigsaw, and flashlight; but then it opens up to reveal more than just your typical hand gear. It also can become four table tools: Drill press, table saw, scroll saw, and table light.

The box operates as a mobile table so that when a workbench isn’t handy, you’ve got one of your own ready to go. Attach the tool of your choice and work as steadily as if you were in your garage at home. A fast charging system will bring your whole tool array back up to fighting form in just an hour, so you’re always ready to work. [Purchase]

CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop 2

CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop 3

CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop 4

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