CCM’s Stealth Series Motorcycles Are A Speedy, Shadowy, Stylish Trio

The market for customized motorcycles is inundated with sleek, seductive options, leaving hardly any room for inexperienced builders to try their hand at one-of-a-kind, bespoke projects. While most proprietary platforms fall flat, CCM’s original Spitfire, which was released all the way back in 2016, was an immediate hit. With clients demanding that the limited edition bike make its way back into circulation, the Bolton-based outfit was prompted to create something even more functional, unique, and sought-after. As a result, the shadow-imbued Spitfire Stealth Series was born.

The CCW Spitfire Stealth Series draws upon the characteristic beauty of the original Spitfire body but expands its reach into a handful of the industry’s most illustrious subgenres. The newly-admitted Stealth Bobber, Stealth Foggy FT, and Stealth Spitfire SIX maintain the company’s mechanically-adept build qualities, with each acting as a stylish contemporary to the small, but powerful 600cc four-stroke single at its heart. With a focus on the portrayal of a true artisanal style, CCM opted to highlight the bikes’ Midnight Black paint scheme with a menagerie of bronze, raw, and unfinished components, providing the perfect contrast to the series’ dark, demented aesthetic. While undeniably aggressive, each of the platforms boasts its own unique riding style, ranging from relaxed, upright, and somewhere in-between, all the way to the focused, ultra-dynamic angle that’s seen when riding a bike with a lower orientation. The small-batch Stealth Series is available for your perusal on CCM’s website, where models are slated to start at around $15,000.

Purchase: $15,000+