CCM Celebrates Its Marvel Movie Debut With A ‘Blackout Edition’ Spitfire Moto

Founded in 1971, Clewes Competition Machines — or CCM — is a boutique British motorcycle manufacturer with a long, illustrious history of off-road competition. In 2016, several CCM staffers kicked off a secondary project that became the Spitfire series, a micro-production, hand-made, artisan motorcycle range powered by BMW-designed 600cc singles. And though the Spitfire family already includes more than half-a-dozen variants, CCM has now revealed the latest addition to the lineup with the new Spitfire Blackout Edition.

Built as a tribute to the CCM Spitfires featured in Marvel’s forthcoming Black Widow movie, the Blackout Edition is essentially a Scrambler-spec that’s been treated to an array of accessories and upgrades. This includes a black suede saddle with red accent stitching, red-anodized triple tree, Scrambler-style, high-mount, dual-can exhaust, carbon headlight cowl, fork guards, and exhaust heat shield, revised ECU and gearing, all dressed up in an exclusive, hand-painted sparkle blackout livery with red and silver highlights paired with a pearl black powder-coated frame that’s been TIG-welded from high-strength steel. Production numbers haven’t been revealed (though will almost certainly be under 300), however, pricing is set at £8,995 (or $11,825 USD).

Purchase: $11,825