Cauldryn Boiling Water Bottle

One of the absolute best ways to purify water and make it ready to drink is by boiling it – a fact which any seasoned outdoorsman could tell you. But, it’s not always easy or convenient to do that while you’re out in the wilderness. If only there was an easy to carry and operate vessel that could boil water on the go. Actually, there is. And it’s called the Cauldryn.

It comes in two parts: the Cauldryn is the vessel and the heating element is called the Fyre. The idea is simple – just fill the 16-ounce Cauldryn and attach it atop the Fyre and the battery-powered heating element will boil the contents. Then, you can drink it or empty it, fill it up, and plug it in again – giving you up to 32 ounces of drinkable water per Fyre charge. The heating element can also plug directly into an AC or DC power supply – via USB – and offers up infinite boiling. And, if you’re just trying to heat up some coffee or soup, the Cauldryn can be set to different lower temperatures, including Hot, Extra Hot, and Brew. The Cauldryn will be officially released at this year’s Outdoor Retailer convention.

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