Caudabe iPhone Cases

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With every iteration of the iPhone, we’re presented with a sleeker and more minimal design than before. And with the release of the new iPhone 8, 8+ and X, this trend continues for Apple. So, it not only makes sense to protect these well-designed supercomputers but doing so in an ultra slim and minimalist manner.

Now, thanks to Caudabe, protecting these new iterations is both affordable and convenient. It’s all compliments of their diverse iPhone 8, 8+ and X case collection that range from their Lucid Clear cases to the more aggressive Sheath options. They all offer drop-tested protection – the Lucid is actually made from the same impact resistant polymer as bulletproof cases – without gaudy logos and unnecessary attachments or bulk. Here, it’s all about ultra-thin, minimal functionality that keeps your prized iPhone protected without weighing it down. Check out the full collection for more info.

Purchase: $25+