Raise Clean Ocean Awareness With Oris’ Limited Edition Watch

Sport a timepiece featuring a 100% recycled medallion.

Posted By Mike Bitanga


People’s Choice Sriracha Beef Jerky

A handmade Sriracha-infused snack that's as addicting as it is delicious.

Posted By Mike Waldron

Oct 13, 2016

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Weak Knees Sriracha

A uniquely flavored sriracha hot sauce handmade with fermented chili paste.

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Paqui Carolina Reaper Tortilla Chip

A single dosage of Carolina Reaper heat for those brave enough to try.

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Thug Kitchen 101: Fast As F*ck

The third entry in the Thug Kitchen cookbook trilogy.

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Fire It Up: 10 Best Hot Sauces

Several spicy alternatives not found at the nearest grocery store but worth every drop.

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AeroShot Inhalable Energy

A discontinued caffeine inhalant intended to jolt you awake and keep you going.

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Sudden Coffee

An instant coffee that doesn't suck sounds too good to be true, but it isn't.

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Meat Up: The 9 Best Mail-Order Steaks

If you don't have a local butcher that you love, or are looking to expand your horizons to please your carnivorous ways, consider these mail order steaks.

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The United States of Pizza

Chef Criag Priebe enlisted Dianne Jacob to write this comprehensive pizza guide detailing the most influential and important pizzerias all across this great country.