Casus Biodegradable Grill

Ever felt like what was really missing in your life was a biodegradable and portable grill? Yeah, neither did we. Or at least that was the case up until we came across the Casus Biodegradable Grill.

Dreamt up by a team of Danish designers, this award-winning grill is made up of nothing but cardboard, bamboo, lava stone, and OXILITE charcoal. Apparently the use of a special FSC-certified cardboard makes it so the whole contraption doesn’t burst into flames once you get to using it. Just as important, the fact that all of these materials are biodegradable means that you can use it once without feeling the guilt of having created unneeded waste. All you have to do to operate the grill is pull back the cardboard top, insert the bamboo rack, and light up the charcoal. After about 5 minutes it’ll start burning hot enough to cook up a full meal over. Well done, Denmark.

Purchase: $8