Casper’s Cooling Bed Collection Is Every Hot Sleeper’s Dream Come True

If you struggle with sleeping hot, then Casper’s latest suite of mattresses and sheets is for you. The Casper Cooling Collection is loaded with tech that’s designed to keep you cool while you sleep, meaning you can finally say goodbye to sweaty and uncomfortable nights.

The main highlight of the Casper Cooling Collection is the new Snow Technology versions of the company’s Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid mattresses. The $500 add-on outfits your mattress with a slew of cooling features, like the QuickCool Cover made with Phase Change material that makes it 24% cooler to the touch than Casper’s standard mattresses. There are also 6 HeatDelete Bands inside the mattress that act as “thermal highways” to draw heat away from your body throughout the night, resulting in a reduction of up to 34% of excess heat. Casper’s trademark layers of foam have also been optimized for cooling, with thousands of AirSpace perforations keeping things nice and ventilated under the covers. Also new are the Hyperlite sheets that are made from cooling and breathable TENCEL fabric and feature a special weave that encourages airflow. You can shop the collection now from Casper, starting at $109.

Purchase: $109+