Casio Vintage Digital Watch Collection

Casio’s iconic watches have been worn for decades. No series from Casio’s catalog better captures their vintage, timeless appeal than the vintage digital watch collection, to which Casio has just added five new retro metallic timepieces.

The models are entitled: the AQ230GA-9BVT (the only analog-digital of the new additions), the A168WEGB-1BVT, with the A168WEM-1VT, A168WEM-2VT and A168WEM-7VT. Complex code names aside, these sharp Casio classics each have a metallic finish. They come in all-gold, black with gold accents, all black, teal, and silver respectively. Each watch has a stainless steel band, and the four digital watches offer an EL backlight and a battery life up to seven years. The analog AQ230GA-9BVT has a three-year battery life. All watches are water resistant up to 100 meters. Stylish and functional, these Casio watches are splendid retro throwbacks.

Purchase: $50+