Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 Outdoor Smartwatch

Casio, the once the king of digital watches, has found themselves with some new competition as of late. Specifically, the boom in the popularity of smartwatches has pretty drastically – and likely permanently – altered the course of the industry. Not content with being left out, Casio has begun to make their own, hoping to again tower above their competitors – at least in some way. Lucky for them, their upcoming Pro Trek WSD-F20 smartwatch looks like it may very well set them apart.

The coolest and most stand-out feature of this handsome watch is certainly the low-power onboard GPS and the ability to download maps that can be used without the need for cellular connectivity. That means you can much more easily navigate surrounding terrain when you’re low on power or if you’re a bit too far off the beaten track. It is also Bluetooth equipped and compatible with both Android and iOS devices, magnetically charges in just 2 hours, and features a litany of functions available via the 1.32 inch capacitive touch LCD display. And while the battery offers a little more than a day’s worth of functionality, the watch can be switched into a “timekeeping only” mode that can function for over a month on a full charge. This stellar outdoorsman’s smart watch will be released on April 21st of this year. [Purchase]

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 01

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 02

Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 03