Casio Pro Trek PRW 7000 Watch

Never lose your way again as long as you snatch up one of the new Casio Pro Trek watches. Aside from its sleek appearance and strong features, the Pro Trek hosts a new compass bearing sensor with an automatic horizontal compensation that will set you in the right direction even when the watch is tilted.

Casio also hooks it up with a plethora of additional features including a high contrast face design, carbon-fiber second hand, retrograde hand, an LED light/neon illuminator, sapphire crystal, carbon fiber insert band, among several others. Of course, Casio wouldn’t forget about their Triple Sensor functions, measuring directions, pressures/temperatures, and altitudes either. There are also functions that indicate tides and moon data, and fishing time, which displays the most suitable times for fishing on any given day. Not a bad watch for the outdoorsman looking for a dependable wrist-worn sidekick while out in the wilderness. Available this July for $720. [Purchase]

Casio Pro Trek PRW 7000 1

Casio Pro Trek PRW 7000 3