Casio Pro Trek PRW-60T Titanium Watch

Great news from Japan this week for fans on the Casio Pro Trek lineup. The brand just announced their plans to release the first PRW-60 model with a metal band – titanium to be exact – slated to match the hiking watch’s sleek silver body and stainless steel bezel.

Dubbed the Pro Trek PRW-60T-7A, this fine release is rumored to boast a design that’s on the smaller side in regards to fellow members of the Pro Trek family. In fact, Casio is hoping the new timepiece’s measurements of 50.5 x 47.2 x 13.3 mm will greatly reduce – or eliminate altogether – interference with wrist and/or hand movements. Additional key features include their Tough Solar power technology, 100-meter water resistance, Triple Sensor tech, a Neon Illuminator backlight LED, and Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping for accurate display. Slated for release in Japan sometime in August 2018 for $572.

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