This Solid Carbon Fiber & Titanium G-Shock Watch Is Nearly Indestructible

Casio’s G-Shock sub-brand has built their sterling reputation on a continuously-growing catalog of ultra-rugged timepieces — yet they still manage to figure out new and interesting ways to impress us. For instance, they’ve just unveiled a new limited-edition watch called the GWR-B 1000X-1A that’s on another level, entirely.

What sets this watch apart from the rest of their offerings, besides the fact that only limited quantities are being released, is that it boasts a monocoque case made entirely out of carbon fiber. That means the bulk of the case is a single, remarkably-strong and lightweight non-metallic unit — making this thing practically indestructible. To up the ante even further, G-Shock has also used titanium bits for other elements, adding even more to its toughness. They even went to the trouble of equipping it with a high-end sapphire crystal. Of course, it also still has all the other features we’ve come to expect from G-Shock — like their Tough Solar charging, Bluetooth connectivity, chronograph functionality, and a good deal more. The price is set at $1,000 apiece.

Purchase: $1,000